Lots of Fish…Lots of Sun!

Lots of Fish…Lots of Sun! Cass Lake, MN

Cass Lake, MN

We were up early this morning…6:30 a.m.! Grandpa & Grandma K thought it would be fun to take both families (ours and Beth & Bill's) out to Pike Bay fishing. So we had our 4 (Tom, Linda, Leah & Chloe), plus 2 cousins (Nicole & Elise) in our boat, and Grandpa & Grandma took Bill, Beth, William & Zach in their boat. We headed across the lake, under the bridges and through the channel lined with reeds, cattails and lily pads, over to Pike Bay.

Fishing started out slow but we eventually found a couple of hot spots and were reeling them in left and right! Our boat caught mostly rock bass, while the other boat caught mostly perch. Final numbers were even with 27 for each boat! We ended up with 10 perch, 1 bluegill, and 16 rock bass. Chloe, who normally doesn’t like fishing, said, "Fishing is actually kind of fun when you catch something." She caught 10 of our 27 keepers…I’d say she had fun! (By the way, Deb & Roy's boat caught 27 that morning too, over at nearby Crooked Lake!)

We headed in at about 12:30, and had lunch. The girls and Linda cleaned up and got ready for an afternoon of shopping in Walker. Tom, unfortunately (or fortunately) had to clean just a few fish. Once he was finished, Tom, Bill & William, rode their bikes the 23 miles down to Walker to meet the shoppers. We loaded the bikes on the cars, and then drove to our favorite Minnesota pizza place…Zorbaz (in Park Rapids). We enjoyed some really yummy pizza with us and the Terpstras. We had one of our favorites, the Mexican pizza; a new one, the barbecued chicken pizza (really yummy!); and an old stand-by, pepperoni & sausage. We found that 3 medium pizzas for our 10 people was the perfect amount, as there were only 2 slices left over.

Back at the resort, we spent a little time in the lodge on our computers, catching up on facebook, email and blogging, and then headed in for bed. Chloe had a sleepover with her cousins, Elise & Erin. Tom and Linda were pretty exhausted from the long day, but also from the sun, which left a little sunburn on all of us, and totally zapped our energy. All in all, it was a great day!