Blue Skies…nothin’ but blue skies

Blue Skies…nothin’ but blue skies Cass Lake, MN

Cass Lake, MN

Since it was our first weekday of vacation we decided not to set our alarms. So…about 9:00 a.m. we rolled out of bed. The sun was shining and the lake was calm, and it looked like a great day for fishing. By the time we got breakfast, got all of our fishing things together, and went up to Froggy's to get our fishing licenses, it was about 10:45. We headed out to the Potato Islands with Tom, Linda and Leah in the boat.

Fishing was slow, and by about 2:00, we had caught 6 fish. Not much for 3 hours of fishing, but we enjoyed our lake time anyway. No need for sweatshirts or jackets…the only thing needed was sunblock. And sitting on the peaceful water, listening to the song of the loons and watching the eagle soaring above, reminded us it wasn’t just about catching fish.

We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Tom went for a bike ride, Linda read her book and visited with sister Beth and cousin Deb, Leah went tubing, and Chloe played at the beach and docks with her cousins Elise & Erin.

As evening approached, we had a quick supper, and then headed out for another round of fishing, this time adding Nicole and William to the boat. We fished along the shore of Star Island, and again, had little luck, but lots of fun. Since fishing was slow, Linda & Beth (who was in Mom & Dad K’s boat with Bill & Zach), spent some of their fishing time taking pictures, uploading them to Facebook, and texting back and forth. Wow…the wonders of modern technology! We never would have even thought this possible a few years ago!

We caught 4 more fish, and added them to our 6 from the morning, for our fish dinner later in the week. We headed back home and called it a day…a very nice Cass Lake.