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When milestones become millstones

“Wa- tootie!!” my two-year-old yelled. I cringed as I imagined the sideways glances and raised eyebrows of my friends.

Our “Mom’s group” met for coffee and Bible study every other Friday. When the kids came up from the basement playroom to join us for snacks, I listened closely and took mental notes.

Another two-year-old politely asked: “May I have a cookie, please?”

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When birds fly home

Last year at this time, I was a bit apprehensive about saying good-bye to my youngest, and beginning our new journey of empty-nesting...of living together in the quiet spaces of this big, hollow home. Turns out, with all of our flitting about (i.e. traveling) and feathering our nest (i.e. decluttering and a little redecorating), I'm amazed at how quickly the year has passed.

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