Preacher man takes family on long hike

Estes Park, CO

Since Seth is volunteering for ACMNP (A Christian Ministry in the National Parks) this summer, he and his team are responsible for putting on the worship services in the NP campground amphitheaters. Today it was Seth's turn to "preach!" Well, really, he gave a 5 minute inspirational talk, but still it was great to see him in action. Besides, who can complain about a church where you have to put on sunblock, and where the backdrop is the Colorado Rockies? Seth talked about Psalm 121 ("I lift my eyes up to the hills. Where does my help come from?"). He also played his guitar as his team led the people in song. There were about 25 people attending the 10:00 service we went to, and he said there were about the same number at the of their biggest Sundays yet.


After church, we headed out for some hiking. We stopped at a Visitors' center to get information, and decided we would take a hike on Lily Mountain, which is actually outside of the park. So we hopped back in the car and drove to the trailhead. This was supposed to be a 2 mile walk with about an 800 foot gain in elevation. We thought we could handle it. Well, some of us thought wrong. The first part of the trail was up and down and up and down. Then at about the half-way point, it just went up and up and up. We found out later that most of the 800 foot gain was in the last mile. Tom & Seth trudged on to the top and reported it became very steep at the end. The girls and I decided not to finish, which was a little disappointing (since we missed the great view at the top), but a huge relief at the same time.

We then headed to Lily Lake for a little picnic lunch. We enjoyed watching the fly fishermen while we ate the box lunches Seth had picked up for us at the Y. We just beat the rain, which had been threatening all through our hike. We headed back to the Y where we got back to work on our crafts in the craft shop. Again, we stayed until closing, but still didn't finish our projects. We then enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at Sweet Basilico's, and headed back "home" so we could get to bed early. Tomorrow we will try an early hike.