Scoops of fun at the lake!

It’s Monday morning and although the wind has picked up, we are bound and determined (especially for Dad’s sake) to get some fishing in. We have a caregiver (a young girl named Taylor) who’s staying with Mom while we are out on the lake. 

Dad, Tom and I load up the pontoon with our gear and we head over to Dick’s Bay, where we heard we might be able to find a few pan fish. 

After about 3 hours we’ve managed to catch one large perch and a bunch of weeds. But the sun warms us while the wind cools us; and the loons, cranes, and eagles entertain us. So we’re good.


We decide to move to a new spot, and after another hour we’ve pulled in 2 more keepers…a large perch and a small walleye. Dad also catches a really small walleye (not a keeper), which gives him a little satisfaction after his otherwise very slow morning. At around 1:00, we decide to call it a day with 3 keepers in our livewell.


It’s another lazy afternoon. Dad finished his ice cream scoop puzzle as soon as he got in from fishing. I tease him that he didn’t do well fishing because he couldn’t stop thinking about that puzzle he wanted to finish! I read my book while lying in the hammock and then walk to Sah-Kah-Tay (the resort next door) with Mom, Dad and Tom for ice cream. (If I don’t gain five pounds on this vacation from all the ice cream, I’ll be lucky!) Dad offers to preserve his puzzle for their friend Sue (Sah-Kah-Tay’s owner) to display near her ice cream case, which she happily accepts.

View from a hammock

View from a hammock

Tom rides his bike around Cass Lake (32 miles), but 13-15 mph winds are enough to deter me this time. I opt to stay home and get supper (tacos) ready. After dinner, we join Deb and Paul at a campfire. Chloe calls me from Wyoming so I juggle talking on my phone while making s’mores for Mom, Dad and myself.

The party ends abruptly with a brief shower as we all hustle into our cabins. The forecast is rain and thunderstorms throughout the night and all day tomorrow.

Oh well, I guess into each vacation, a little rain must fall.

Linda HanstraComment