Hot sun. Not-so-hot fishing.

We got an earlier start fishing today, which was a good thing. It was even warmer and sunnier than yesterday, so we were ready to call it quits by early afternoon. Tom and I fished alone in the big lake, and three different areas of Pike Bay. The fish were elusive, but we eventually ended our morning with seven (3 perch and 4 rock bass).


The wildlife and sights of Pike Bay are worth the trip, and I find myself taking the same pictures every year. We can always count on seeing a turtle or two sunning on “the log” on our way out, and today we were treated to our first eagle sighting of the year.

Bill and Beth took their whole family and Dad out on the pontoon boat they rented (from Sunset Cove) for the day. Since Dad’s balance has been off, he is only able to fish on pontoon boats to reduce the risk of falling. Zach was able to pull in a nice jumbo perch, but otherwise they didn’t have much luck.


The afternoon was spent reading, blogging, and chatting. After cleaning fish, Tom took another bike ride. I felt wiped out from the sun, and didn’t think a bike ride would be wise for me today. It was one of those days I was thankful our cottage has an air conditioner!


In the evening, Beth, Bill, Nicole, Mom and Dad tried fishing in some different spots on the lake. Again, they were disappointed. Hopefully, their luck will turn around soon! Tom and I enjoyed a quiet evening at the cabin, and made some brats and hot dogs on the grill for when our hungry fishermen returned home.