Fish to fry on the 4th of July

Tom has been worried that we wouldn’t catch many fish this year since we didn’t have our good-luck charms (i.e. Leah, Seth and Maddie) with us. Fortunately, our niece Nicole and nephew Zach volunteered to fill in today, and they brought us plenty of good luck! We went back to our new hotspot in Pike Bay, and ended the morning with two fish more than yesterday. With a catch of 28 (21 perch and 7 rock bass), Tom had his work cut out for him (no pun intended) this afternoon. Since Dad was going stir crazy inside the cabin, he volunteered to help out.

While the guys filleted our catch, I started knitting a dish cloth while chatting with my sister, Mom and cousin by the beach. Later in the afternoon, Tom and I rode the Migizi Trail, our favorite “up north” bike trail. It was a beautiful evening, and as usual, a lovely ride.

By the time we returned, cousins Paul and Deb and their families had their fish fry well under way. They were just sitting down to eat when we returned. Through a comedy of errors, Mom and Dad ended up “crashing” their party instead of waiting for ours, but Paul, Deb and family were gracious hosts and included Uncle Harold and Aunt Ellie in their food and fun.

Beth and I then set to work on frying the fish and onion rings for our families. It’s a messy, time-intensive job, but the end result is well worth the trouble. Everyone loved the deep-fried, melt-in-your mouth goodness!

After dinner, Beth’s family brought their game “Telestrations” over. It reminds me of the old “telephone” game but with added illustrations. It was the perfect group game, in that even Mom and Dad were able to join in the fun. We were all laughing so hard that our cheeks hurt by the time the game was over.

The 4th of July fireworks at a nearby resort started in the middle of our game. We could see a few out the window, but missed most of them this year because we were just having too much fun inside. After the game, some of us went outside to catch the end of the show.

We ended our evening with ice cream and s’mores.