Catching supper


Again, the forecast was more dire than the actual weather turned out to be. This morning, although rain was predicted, it was only overcast when we got up. Tom and Dad were anxious to get out and fish in case the rain did come, and since Mom was still sleeping, I told them to get started on their own, and come back for us in about an hour…which they did.

I finally got Mom up and moving by 9:30. Getting her up reminds me of the days I had to wake my teenagers as I directed her to put her “feet on the floor!” The four of us headed out on the pontoon around 10:00. Dad and Tom hadn’t had any luck in the first hour, so I suggested we go back to the point near Dick’s Bay where we had caught a couple on Monday.

The sky turned blue with big, puffy white clouds, and the sunshine and breeze felt great! Even though our catch wasn’t big (a total of 5 fish), it was enough for supper, which was one of our objectives. Tom caught a nice Northern Pike (approx. 20”) soon after we dropped our lines. He also caught a small walleye. Mom and I each caught a small perch, and Dad caught a whopper: an 11” perch! It made his day!

I spent some time in the afternoon visiting with Deb and Melissa, working on my blog posts at the lodge (where the internet is faster), and helping Dad glue his puzzle together. Meanwhile, Tom went on a nice long (50-mile) ride. He called it a “Jonah” ride as his bike was swallowed up by a very big fish! There were a few spotty showers here at the resort and on his ride, but overall the weather wasn’t too bad!


When Tom returned around 8:00, I fried up the fish. The rest of the meal was ready and waiting. We all savored the deliciousness of a truly “fresh” catch for supper. After our meal, I helped Mom find my website, so she and Dad could see what I’ve been up to. She read several of the Lake Log posts aloud. They seemed to enjoy the stories, especially when the two of them made an appearance!

They don’t look thrilled, but they DID enjoy the dinner!

They don’t look thrilled, but they DID enjoy the dinner!

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