Ode to the Fourth at the Lake

It's the 4th of July and the forecast is rain,

"We don't want to fish!" say the gals with disdain.

So they drive down to Walker to have some fun,

while back at Birch Villa, the rain turns to sun.

The guys hit their boats, but catch zero fish,

while the ladies fulfill their shopping wish.

Small-town parade, and ice cream to boot,

pictures of Lydia...she is so cute!

The guys find their way to the gear at Reeds,

the stores close early, but we all meet our needs.

We move on to Zorbaz for pizza and beer,

We make this long trek every single year!


Then back to Birch Villa for tubing fun,

while we wait for the setting of the sun.


More little ones in red, white and blue,

too sweet to pass up, this is true.

At dark come the fireworks...bim, bam, boom!

And campfire s'mores (if we've left any room).

The boat's in the dock, the babies now sleep,

and fishermen dream of great fish in the deep.

Our bellies are full, our ears still ring,

the Fourth at the lake...much joy it does bring!

Linda HanstraComment