Picture-perfect day

We were treated to a picture-perfect day. It started with a little fishing over in Pike Bay for Dad, Tom & me. After figuring out all the "first time out" bugs, we managed to pull in a catch of 14...eleven perch and three rock bass. Phyllis, Mom & Chloe hung out around the cabin.

After a quick lunch, Deb & I took our usual kayak ride, Tom cleaned fish, and everyone had some time to relax. Tom and I then enjoyed a great ride around Pike Bay (the Migizi Trail), where we saw an amazing show of wildflowers. When we arrived back at the cabin we were treated to Phyllis' dinner creation...Greek salad and chicken pitas with tzatziki sauce. It was delicious (and so nice to come home from a bike ride to piping hot dinner!).

After dinner, Chloe played her ukulele for me on the porch, before the adults enjoyed a glass of red wine and a little dark chocolate. The kids finished off the day with card games on the porch. It was a picture-perfect day up north.

Linda HanstraComment