Eagles and Loons and Fish, Oh My!

Eagles and Loons and Fish, Oh My! Cass Lake, MN

Cass Lake, MN

We woke to beautiful sunshine and a fairly calm lake, so were finally ready to try some fishing again! Tom & I, Seth & Maddie headed out to Pike Bay where we've always had our best luck. Before we even left the big lake, Seth looked up and spotted not one, not two, not three, but FOUR bald eagles! We love our eagle sightings, but have never been blessed with so many at once. Then, as we entered the channel, we were surprised by two loons sitting very close to the boat path. They didn't even move as we floated by, allowing for a nice close-up view of these very majestic birds.

Going through the channel was a bit rough, as the high water level lifted our boat really close to the bridges we needed to pass under. It was a challenge, as we laid and crouched down in the bottom of the boat, but we managed to barely get through. We spent the next three hours fishing and ended up with a nice catch...8 perch and 7 rock bass.

After lunch, Tom decided it was time Seth learned how to clean fish, so he gave him his first lesson. Seth didn't enjoy it, but he did survive...and Tom was happy for the help and company.

In the late afternoon, Tom & I took a bike ride on the Mi-Gi-Zi trail (around Pike Bay). It was another gorgeous trail on a gorgeous day. My longest ride of the year (approx. 17 miles) was made pleasant with tons of wildflowers, tall pine trees, lake views, and the occasional passing turtle. Stirring up swarms of dragonflies as we rode, and biking through a 3-4 inch deep "puddle" (more like a small pond), made for an interesting ride as well!

We enjoyed our dinner of fresh fish and Minnesota wild rice pilaf, before enjoying a relaxing evening around the resort.