First day fishing

First day fishing Cass Lake, MN

Cass Lake, MN

Monday, July 13th: We headed out for our 1st morning of fishing with Seth and Luke in the boat. We thought we'd try our luck in the Potato islands area. We caught 16 total fish (6 for Luke, 10 for us), all rock bass save one perch. We ate ours for dinner that evening and they were delicious! Monday afternoon was spent cleaning fish, reading, and chatting with relatives. I ran off to Teal's to get some more groceries for supper while Tom took a little bike ride. Paul's wife Pam has arrived for her 1st visit to Birch Villa. The kids have been having a great time hanging out with cousins and friends. Chloe plays with cousins Erin, Leah, and Lindsay and friends Nicole and Emily. Leah enjoys spending time with Kara and Courtney, as well as the younger girls. Seth and Luke are inseparable.