Walkin' on Sunshine!

Walkin' on Sunshine! Cass Lake, MN

Cass Lake, MN

Tuesday, 7/15/2008: What a great day! This was our best day yet in terms of the weather. We finally had a day with just a little breeze (great for fishing) and lots of sun (great for sunning, swimming, etc.). Tom, Linda, Seth & Luke headed out for fishing in the morning and went over the the Allen's Bay/Potato Island area. We ended up with 10 perch and 4 rock bass after about 3 hours of fishing. In the afternoon, the kids read books, played games, did crossword and Sudoku puzzles, and played with friends (Chloe). Linda finished knitting the hat for Leah, and Tom cleaned fish and listened to his book on tape. Later, Chloe went tubing with Madeline's family and Karrie pulled our kids again with Landen. Leah played a little pool with Landen as well. After supper, Tom & Linda headed out for more fishing. We decided to try our luck on Strawberry bar, but we didn't find much--only 1 perch after an hour. So we came back over to the ridge off of the Star Island point. Our luck improved with 4 more perch in the next hour--still not great, but at least we had a bag of fish to freeze. That about wraps up another beautiful day at Birch Villa!