Canoe races & fish stories...

Canoe races & fish stories... Cass Lake, MN

Cass Lake, MN

Thursday, 7/10/2008: We woke up to a rainy, dreary morning, so we weren't too fired up about fishing. Linda and Deb chatted over a long cup of coffee while debating how to spend the day. By afternoon, Beth and her girls headed out to fish at Strawberry bar with mom and dad. We enjoyed watching the very exciting first-ever Birch Villa canoe races. We decided that Seth & Luke should take some canoeing lessons. Afterwards, Tom, Jared, Seth & Leah headed back to the Mi-Gi-Zi trail for another bike ride. Linda watched Chloe swim with her friends while knitting and listening to her book. Roy and Bill pulled the few remaining kids on tubes and skis.

After a quick supper, we headed out for fishing (Tom, Linda, Leah and Kara G.). We went back to the Potato islands in order to get out of the winds, and once again had a fair catch--5 perch and 5 rock bass. The best catch of the night was the 12-inch jumbo perch which came in with both Tom's and Linda's hooks in its mouth! (So who really caught it???) After fishing we came back home and enjoyed the bonfire for a few minutes