Farewell to cousins...

Farewell to cousins... Cass Lake, MN

Cass Lake, MN

Saturday, July 14: It's packing day for our relatives and laundry day for us. Everyone is on their way home, or to other vacation destinations, but we are glad we get to stay put for another week of fun and relaxation. Birch Villa is very quiet on Saturday as it is mostly empty, but the cleaning crews and lawn crews and busily preparing for the next round of guests. It's fun to watch things get all spruced up and ready. This week Mark and his helpers have completed the deck on the lodge and poured the cement floor of their garage. I used the new laundry room today and found it very clean and efficient. Tom, Jared, Seth & Leah went for a 14-mile bike ride around Pike Bay (the Mi-Gi-Zi trail) and had a really good time). Saturday evening Tom and I went fishing but the lake was a little rough so we ended up fishing over in front of Birch Villa where we found calmer waters and a few perch.