Rainy days are for shopping, right?

Banff, Canada

Banff is a very touristy, little ski village with lots of shops and restaurants. In contrast, Jasper was a fairly quiet town with a much less touristy feel. We liked them both.


Thursday in Banff was kind of a laid-back day. It was a little cloudy and rainy much of the day, so I went shopping (of course) while Tom rented a bike and took a ride around the area. We met up in the late afternoon and did a little sightseeing by car. We saw the Hoodoos and Lake Minnewonka. We also saw the famous Fairmont Hotel from a distance. After our car ride, we went back into Banff to do a little more shopping in the rain. We picked up souvenirs for the kids, including something to represent the Inukshuks that we had seen everywhere. An Inukshuk is a stone landmark in the shape of a human, built by humans, which we had seen all over in our hikes and travels.


For dinner that evening we went to a very small, but popular burger joint called "The Eddie." We had Elk Burgers with various toppings, and enjoyed them very much.