An uneventful day

Estes Park, CO

Nothing big happened today. We were kinda' looking for a relaxing day, so that's what we had. After breakfast, we sat and talked to Barb, Fred & Stacey for awhile. Then we went over to check out the day camp options for the kids--Jared has been highly recommending it (wonder why??). We signed the 3 of them up for camp tomorrow as it seemed like the best set of options, however that meant I had to spend a good hour filling out medical forms and paperwork. Uhhgg... On top of that, I had a terrible headache most of the day, so I didn't feel like doing much of anything. Tom did the laundry for us, then took the kids over to the pool for swimming and then putt-putting, Also the girls and I made jewelry at the arts and crafts center with Shanna's help--fun! This evening we went down to Estes Park again for supper--tonight it was Mexican at Ed's Cantina--yum! That about wraps up our laid back, uneventful day.