Just another Monday (at the Lake)

Just another Monday (at the Lake) Cass Lake, MN

Cass Lake, MN

Today was a fairly laid-back day. We saw Seth and Maddie off early in the morning, and after catching a bit more sleep, Tom & I joined mom and dad for some fishing. It was nice to be able to visit while we fished, and Tom enjoyed not having to drive the boat. Putting my dad's boat driving skills together with my GPS/guiding skills, we were able to catch ten fish by the end of the morning. I guess that doesn't say much for either of our skills, but at least it wasn't a total bust. And mom was happy with the nice crappie she snagged.

It was a beautiful day for kayaks, so Deb and I took them out for a leisurely ride . It was so nice to get all caught up on each other's lives. We never seem to have trouble finding things to talk about, and our friendship just picks right up where we last left off.

Tom took a bike ride around the area (yes, he was able to get a replacement tire), and made it home just in time for our taco supper. Later in the evening, we heard that Seth and Maddie had made it home safely, and after getting a battery jump on her car from our helpful neighbor, Maddie was on her way back to Hudsonville. I spent some time visiting with Mom and Dad at their cabin, and gave Mom a refresher course on how to play solitaire. Then Tom and the kids (Jared, Leah & Chloe) joined us at Sah-Kah-Tay for some ice cream to finish off our night.