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#Goals: What Riding and Writing have Taught Me (Part 2)

Two years ago my husband crushed his elbow in a biking accident. He was disappointed to miss out on what had become an annual tradition for us…the Michiana Ride for Hospice. While Tom, arm in sling, sat at the registration table, our son Seth took his place so I wouldn’t have to ride alone. (Truth be told, he was riding for the free beer at the after-party!)

Seth and I had a great time bonding through biking.

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Left to my own devices: the benefit/burden of technology

My cell phone and I are attached at the hip. 

In a previous life, you would have found my babies there. Whether I was eating lunch, making dinner, or visiting with friends–I often carried a small child with me. 

Now, when I leave the kitchen or my office at work, my hand instinctively taps my hip pocket to make sure my baby is still there. I seldom go anywhere without her. 

Why am I so attached to this device? Is it wrong? Am I addicted?

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All the Right Moves: 5 steps to a smooth college move-in

My husband and I have taken ballroom dancing lessons. We’re not very good. (We’re pretty bad, really.)

That’s likely because we’ve never gotten past the beginner stage. The instructor gives us the steps but when we try to put them to music, we always miss some and throw in extras. We’re expending so much energy in the process that we’re anything but graceful and exhausted when we’re finished.

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When milestones become millstones

“Wa- tootie!!” my two-year-old yelled. I cringed as I imagined the sideways glances and raised eyebrows of my friends.

Our “Mom’s group” met for coffee and Bible study every other Friday. When the kids came up from the basement playroom to join us for snacks, I listened closely and took mental notes.

Another two-year-old politely asked: “May I have a cookie, please?”

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Comfort food and warm fires: savoring the moments before saying goodbye

We pass through the hills and valleys surrounding the Chohocton River as we head home from Corning, New York. Tom is driving, while I look out the window. Our son Seth and his wife Maddie sit quietly in the back seat. It’s hard to bring ourselves to talk after saying our final goodbyes to Morgan, knowing we will never see him again.

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When birds fly home

Last year at this time, I was a bit apprehensive about saying good-bye to my youngest, and beginning our new journey of empty-nesting...of living together in the quiet spaces of this big, hollow home. Turns out, with all of our flitting about (i.e. traveling) and feathering our nest (i.e. decluttering and a little redecorating), I'm amazed at how quickly the year has passed.

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